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Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds

     Doxies are the clowns of the canine world.  They make you giggle just watching their long sausage shaped bodies on short little legs run around, ears flapping in the wind as they race all over the yard.  They are excellent companions and prefer the company of their people.  Miniature dachshunds are the perfect size for smaller backyards, of medium energy level and will always entertain with their antics. Once you have a dachshund you will be hooked for life!  Please beware: Dachshunds are like chips, you can't have just one!

     We take great care in offering you healthy AKC registered puppies.  We DNA test the parents to be certain that they have no genetic issues.  We want you to be confident when purchasing a Liberty Pup.  We do spoil our littles right from the start! They are raised in our living room, no kennels and are checked on throughout the day. The puppies get cuddled and accustomed to the noises of a home with children of all ages and cats. We also work on basic commands and potty training for your convience. 

Sire & Dams:

A little about our dogs:

Lone Ranger

LR is our Liberty Pup stud.  He is not just above average in looks but in size as well, see he was the lone pup of the litter and had access to all 8 of his Ma's plates.  He is more of a lover than a fighter of injustice.  He is true to his owner and no matter the weather, will not leave her side. A true sign of love and bravery if you know anything about dachshunds and bad weather.


Gidget is our beautiful brown eyed girl, lover of the outdoors.  She prefers baseball to surfing and has a sixth sense about leather gloves being taken outside.  She can just tell when a game is about to start.  She is also very good at telling time, dinner time that is.  She is never late! Gidget is an excellent mother and has brought us so much joy watching her raise her puppies.  

Summer the Sausage 

Summer has the perfect dachshund profile. Waiting for her to be old enough to breed has not been easy, for we long to see what gorgeus pups she and LR will make.  Summer wakes up ready to play and darts out the door with her two best freinds.  She is a calm girl for the most part, except when the cats are around.  Summer loves cats.  She really likes to give lots of sloppy wet kisses.  The cats, well......

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