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Getting ready for your bunny

Here are some essentials for your bunny

  1. Hutch or cage: 24x30x18 inch minimum: your bunny will need to be able to lay flat, stand and take about three hops

  2. Food and water bowls: ceramic crocks or heavy stainless steel bowls work great. Bunnies love to rearrange their spaces, this way there is less chance of feed and water spilling. Also, crocks are easier to keep clean and notice if they are empty. Bunnies need free choice pellets, fresh water and Timothy hay. A hay feeder will help keep hay off the floor of the cage. Some fresh fruits and veggies in small amounts. If you have a rabbit younger than 6 months of age feed only fresh sweet potatoes.

  3. Chew toys: there are many fun choices all over the internet and you can give them simple things from around the house too. Cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper are fun for them to toss. Woven grass balls, apple tree twigs are fun and safe choices. Rabbit teeth are always growing, in order for them to stay at a healthy size they need to chew.

  4. Hideaway house and floor mat: bunnies like to hide and a floor mat gives them a place for their feet to get a break from the cage floor. An extra ceramic tile or untreated piece of plywood will also work.

  5. Litter box: yes bunnies can be litter box trained. A medium sized cat litter box, no top or a large rabbit specific litter box. You will need to set up the hay feeder next to the litter box close enough for bunny to chew while in litter box. Yeah, kinda odd but its what works for them.

  6. Your love and attention

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