The Baby Bunny Barn

Welcome to the Baby Bunny Barn here are the

Holland and Mini lop bunnies for sale.

We are accepting deposits to reserve choice in the order received.

Bucks $80

Does $100

Pedigrees $10

All of our rabbits come with a

birth certificate & goodie bag.

If you are interested in adopting a bunny please contact us.

Text: 405-818-0701

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Sales Info:

We strive to offer you, our neighbors, healthy rabbits with loads of precious for you to enjoy.

In order to keep our bunnies happy and healthy we have a Closed Barn Policy. The biosecurity of our barn is extremely important to us.

We do update pictures/videos of our litters on Saturdays so that families can see how their bunny is growing.  

We gender our bunnies at 4 weeks of age. We do our absolute best to gender these little guys as accurately as possible. If we get it wrong, please contact us and we will work with you.

Bunnies are ready for adoption at 8 weeks of age.

Deposits are nonrefundable. If you are using PayPal for your deposit kindly use the Friends & Family option to avoid extra fees. 

Anyone that has a deposit for a baby bunny will be contacted once they are 4 weeks old and given choice in the order the deposits were received. 

Bunnies MUST be picked up at the agreed date and time. If you do not arrive for your appointment and fail to make arrangements with us prior to the date you will lose your deposit. We will have to move on to find the bunny a fur-ever home. 

We guarantee the health of our rabbits until Adoption Day.  Rabbits thrive in clean environments, given proper nutrition and when gently handled, therefore, we are not responsible for health issues that may arise once they have been adopted.   

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, we love chatting about bunnies :)

Proud members of the 

American Rabbit Breeders Asssociation

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All of our bunnies have been adopted.

Here are our available
Holland and Mini lop
bunny rabbits for sale.

A Note on Bunny Shaming


Dear Bunny Lovers,

     I am so happy that you are searching the web for information about rabbits and the care that they need.  Unfortunately, there are some folks participating in bunny shaming.  If you are not free roaming your rabbit full time then, according to these folks, you are hurting your rabbit and probably should not even have one. I have seen perfectly clean apartments with a free roaming bunny running around.  In my opinion and experience raising rabbits, this is not a clear and honest picture of life with a bunny.  These videos are creating expectations that no bunny could ever meet.  I fear the unintended consequence of this bunny filtered life, will  be more bunnies being turned into shelters and rescues. Bunnies need fresh water, pellets, hay and mostly, your bunny will need to trust you. This comes from spending time with you and lots of tasty tidbits daily.  

     The most controversy comes to housing. Keeping your bunny safe is the most important.  Wanting to keep your coffee table legs, baseboards,  and eletrical chords safe is important too. Ideally, keeping your pet in a cage and/or enclosure works well, especially when you work or go to school outside the home.  Providing lots of toys and things to chew while you are out will help keep your bunny entertained.  The USDA requires a 24x24x18 cage for a medium sized bunny. I use much larger cages some up to  4ftx2ftx2ft. We have a large, indoor enclosure with lots of toys for them to play with, jump and binky. They all get turns in it.  Wire floors are the most sanitary and you can give their feet a rest by provding grass or plastic mats. We have used ceramic tiles in the summer too. If choosing a solid floored cage please keep it with fresh bedding or straw daily so that your bunny is not resting in his business. Yes, you can litter box train a bunny but he will have accidents. They will not be 100 % like a cat. The videos do not show the misses. 

     I hope this helps you in making the decision if a bunny is the right pet for you and your family.  If you are already a bunny owner, I hope that this helps ease any anxiety that bunny shaming videos may have caused. 

Wishing you the Bunny Best,

Liberty Acres

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